• Our Approach to Early Childhood Education

Play-based child care

Play-based child care is a type of early childhood education focusing on playing as the primary means of learning. This approach is based on the belief that children learn best through active exploration and interaction with their environment. 

At First Steps Childcare & Preschool, our play-based curriculum is designed to give your child the opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences. We believe play is the best way for young children to learn about the world and develop essential skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication.

Our program includes various activities designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and sense of exploration.

Each day, your child can choose which activities they would like to participate in. Our experienced educators will support your child’s learning and help them make the most of their playtime. 

If you are looking for a child care program that will allow your child to learn and grow through play, then First Steps Childcare & Preschool is the perfect place for your family. Contact us today to learn more about our program or to schedule a tour of our facility. 

Play-based environments support children’s development

Play-based child care is an integral part of a child’s development. At First Steps Childcare & Preschool, we believe play is essential to a child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Our play-based program provides opportunities for children to explore, experiment, and create in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Cognitive development

One of the essential benefits of play-based child care is that it promotes cognitive development. Play provides children with opportunities to explore, experiment, and create. This type of learning helps children develop crucial critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Play also helps children learn how to regulate their emotions. When children are allowed to play freely, they learn how to control their emotions and cope with stress healthily.

Physical development

Play-based child care also provides opportunities for children to develop physically. Through play, children can explore their physical world and learn about their bodies and the space around them. Play also helps children develop gross motor skills such as running, jumping, and climbing. Fine motor skills such as writing, drawing, and cutting are also developed through play. As children experiment with different materials and textures, they learn how to use their hands in new ways.

Social-emotional development

In addition to cognitive and physical benefits, play-based child care also promotes social and emotional development. Through play, children learn how to interact with others and develop critical social skills such as cooperation, communication, and sharing. Children also learn how to regulate their emotions and healthily cope with stress.

Play-based child care from First Steps Childcare & Preschool

Play-based child care provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to explore, experiment, and create. The benefits of play-based child care are well-documented and include higher cognitive, social, and emotional development levels. 

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